I’m Catherine Gitau and this is my personal website where I write about all things data science, machine learning, deep learning and NLP.

I wear a lot of hats and still figuring out what exactly I want to focus on in my DS/ML career but all in all I consider myself a data and applied research scientist. I’m somewhere in between research and production where I find solutions to practical and real-life problems and implementing them. But at the same time, I also enjoy doing data science to generate business insights and build products around them. So, welcome aboard and buckle up! This is my journey into self discovery 😁

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💻 September 1st - Launched this personal blog 🥳

🗣️ August 2021 - Presented at LoResMT Workshop @ MT Summit 2021 on Challenges and Advances in MT Systems for African Languages

‍💻 June 2021 - Launched Masakhane Web, A Machine Translation platform for solely African Languages.

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