Hi there!

My name is Catherine and welcome to my personal site.

I am a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate and currently working as a junior data scientist at Ongair Limited. My work revolves around tonnes of text data which means a lot of text cleaning, text analysis, some Natural Language processing(NLP) and so much more.

This site is a place for me to showcase some of my data science projects, from small learning projects to some serious Machine learning projects. It is also home to my personal blog where I write about my journey as a self-taught data scientist, tutorials to help out those who are just starting out in this large field and whatever else that strikes my fancy. I also recently joined the WiMLDS organizing committee, so expect to see some posts about the meetups on my blog as well.

My interests currently lay around data analysis, Natural Language Processing, classification and unsupervised Machine Learning methods. Data science in finance is also an area that captures my interests.

So, have any cool projects you’d like us to collaborate on? Like my blog posts? Want to say hi? Just drop me a message here.