I was shown this blog post by a classmate with the heading ‘Are you fluent in R?’… Well at first I thought it was just talking about techniques used in R and since I’m not really focusing on it at the moment, I wasn’t as interested, but after reading the first few lines I realized that this blog post applies to almost everyone who wants to venture into Data Science.

I got to ask myself a few questions :

After taking courses on Data Science in python and R , can I write the codes from memory?.. Do I still Google search to find out how to execute basic data science techniques?

Then it just hit me that I’m still struggling to remember certain essentials, even after taking lots of courses on Data science and reading a lot of material.

So, I decided to start my own small project that will help me gain knowledge and become fluent in the basics of python code to perform data visualization, data manipulation, and data analysis. My aim will be to be able to write code proficiently, accurately, rapidly and confidently.Well, at least the basics.

My next posts will focus on these essentials with some fun and simple projects.We’ll be able to get data, manipulate, clean, wrangle, visualize it then finally get insights from it.

Excited? I don’t know about you but I am 🙂

Watch this space!