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Feature Engineering on text data using R

The ability to work with text data is one that I have been able to hone in the past couple of months. With the vast amount of unstructured data that’s being generated every day due to the rise of the… Continue Reading →

GDG DevFest Nairobi 2017!

Who knew that the next time I would be attending a tech conference, I’d be attending as a speaker? Well, neither did I.

Finding groups in data : Clustering techniques

In the last couple of months, I got an opportunity to Intern at a startup whose main aim is to Unleash the best in people by matching talent with job opportunities using Machine Learning techniques. I was honored to work… Continue Reading →

Text Analysis with R

Do you know the most frequently used words on your twitter timeline? Or, the most frequently mentioned tweeps(twitter followers) on your timeline?

Twitter data Mining 101 using R

R is a tool used widely in data analysis and statistical computing.

Credit Score Model

Like I promised, here’s a project I was working on about a month ago.


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