First off, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

On that note, what’s a new year post without setting some new year resolutions goals?

I’m always skeptical about sharing my goals with people because sometimes nothing gets really done, and by sharing them, I feel like it sometimes changes the purpose from focusing on the process to achieve the goal to trying to justify to my friends that I can actually keep to my goals and attain them and if I don’t, then I’m a sucker and that’s not the case. Also, I love the feeling that comes with sharing an achievement with people who weren’t expecting it.

It took me a while to decide what my first post this year will be about and I hate myself for conforming to this “new year goals” trend, but what the heck.

This short post will outline not goals but some of the things I’m looking forward to regarding data science. Which basically are:

  • Learning something new

In this world of data science, you just can’t stop learning. I literally come across something new every single day. But what I mean is learning a totally different thing from what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months. Maybe get my hands dirty and learn me some Tensor flow? Neural Nets? BI? Apache Spark? We’ll see. Really excited about this.

  • Contributing to others’ data science paths

This includes writing content that helps people out there who are starting out on data science and I am also excited to be a part of WiMLDS community here in Nairobi, Kenya. Hoping to meet you at one of the meetups!

  • Finish a Kaggle competition

Ever since I joined Kaggle, I’ve always left competitions unfinished. I’ve never even finished the beginner titanic one, but I learnt a lot on data exploration from it. So, this year I’ll work towards completing at least one. Yay to that!

  • More and more conferences

Last but not the least, I am looking forward to attending as many conferences as I possibly can this year. This way, I can get to share ideas and experiences with more people who are members of the Data science community, build my network and possibly attain new skills.

Let’s see what 2018 has in store for us!